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July 15, 2016

Dear everyone,
I have been hard at work with Cassie's lyrics book. So far I have all of the songs, except Picture Us. I just can't get parts of the lyrics down. I can't hear what she's singing. So I hope she'll reply and help me out with it.

I have managed to upload all Mad screenshots to our Gallery, so If you haven't yet, check them out. I will do the same for Games and for lyrics videos. So keep an eye on the Gallery.

that's it for now.
Lots of love, Chantal 

June 31st

I have been very busy lately, with this website as well as in my private life. 
I have found the complete series of pictures Cassie shot with Kyle Topping. I will be uploading them to the gallery soon. You can find a preview of them on our Facebook page. (ps. the pictures are tagged, hopefully someday I'll find them untagged.)

So head over to our Facebook to see the pictures (and as soon as i've posted them to the gallery I'll let you know!)

xo Chantal 

May 5, 2016

It has been AGES since I updated the website, and I'm so sorry for that. In the upcoming days I will be working on the website and updating the pages and pictures. I'm also going to update our video and image gallery (youtube and photobucket) and I will make sure that I will post any new updates right away. 

So far I have updated the banners, have put the filmography and discography on the Cassie page, and have been updating them as well. 

Cassie is currently filming a TV movie called Rescue Me. I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie. 

Love, Chantal 

Site on Hiatus

Dear all. Thank you for visiting my website. I really appreciate that you have taken the time to browse online and to click on my weblink. 

Over the past few months (actually over a year really) I have been letting this website dust over and I haven't put any time into it except for posting short messages. This means I'm so far behind on everything that I feel that I need to change the entire website to really accommodate to that.  

Happy New Year

It is January 1st, 2015. Lately it has been quiet on the news front. I'm sure you all know you can get Cassie's song Power through Itunes and other digital sellers. If you haven't bought it, go do that.

Furthermore, I want to wish you all a very happy new year. I hope that 2015 will bring us some more of Cassie's awesome music.

Lots of love, Chantal 

Patterns EP is out!

While last week Cassie released the EP on Spotify already, some of you might not have an account. But there is no need to be sad over that anymore because today it became available on ITUNES. GET IT GET IT GET IT 

Release date for 'The Dorm'

Hiya guys! So i found a new article about 'The Dorm' and i found a release date mentioned at the bottom. They're planning to broadcast it on MTV on Halloween. Awesome!!!

MAD music video

Hiya people! So by now you guys have probably all seen that MAD is out now! This song has been on repeat for days now and I LOVE it! Besides a lyric video there is now also a music video for us to enjoy. 

And that is not the only video! Cassie has also recorded a cover version of a song called
Sex and Candy, and although I have never heard the original, I love this cover version. 
Listen to both songs and help us get the videos as many views as they deserve (AKA millions :D)
xo Chantal 

Sorority Surrogate

Hi people! Ok so for those who haven't noticed it yet, last Saturday Lifetime premiered Cassie's movie Sorority Surrogate. I loved her in it. She was sooo good. And i've been thinking about this but if i'm right this is her first official lead role as a solo lead instead of an ensemble lead like in Degrassi or LA complex. Here is a picture from the movie. You can find some more in our gallery!

Release date single 'Mad' 

Hey guys! sometimes I browse Amazon to see if new things are coming up and tonight i found this:

 It looks like her single will be available on April 1st, 2014. I'm really hoping this is not a joke!

The Dorm

News just came out that Cassie is starring in a new movie called The Dorm. Filming will start this monday, February 10th! Can you believe it? I'm so excited! check out this link to read for some details

Cassie's Birthday!

Today is Cassie's 24th birthday! Can you believe it's already that time of year again?

Head over to her Facebook or twitter to wish her a happy birthday! trust me, she'll love it! 

Cassie! I hope you're having a great day! make it one you'll never forget.  

Cassie is performing again!!!!

I can't believe it! I'm so excited! Cassie is performing on the 29th of this month in LA!

To all of you who can be there, please share your pictures with me? you can send them to


Enjoy the show!!!


Sorority Surrogate - New Project

So today Cassie posted a link to an article that tells us something about what Cassie will be doing in the next couple of weeks/days/months. Cassie is cast as Valerie Vaughan in a new Indie film. She'll be acting opposite of Chris Bruno. Read all about it here.

LA Complex Cover art

Echo Bridge Entertainment has made the cover art public for one of our favourite shows! The dvd for the LA Complex will be released in august and will contain all 19 episodes!

 What do you think of the cover art?

LA Complex DVD Release

Hi Everybody! i'm SO sorry for the lack of updates!
I've been (not so) patiently waiting on news about a possible DVD release of the shortlived series Cassie played in and there is finally some news about it

A dvd will be released this summer, containing all 19 episodes and some extra's. Nothing is yet said about what kind of extra's and what the cover art might be but there is something to look forward to!
follow this link to read the article about the dvd release:

For those who are not subscribed to our youtube channel, i've been posting some new (i guess they're old but new to the channel) video's online. I've also ripped the Degrassi Unscripted episode of Cassie's but have not yet uploaded. I'll be doing that this week! that way all of you out there can finally see the complete episode again!

Our youtube channel!


December 2nd

August 31st

I found this about 2 days after it was posted, but ofcourse i never posted it here. This is an article on 15 things you probably didn't know about Cassie. And i have to admit, i didn't either LOL (accept for the Fantasy novel bit)

1 ) I really like eating leftovers.

2 ) I love beauty products. I have categorized “stations” in my bedroom.

3 ) I’m a neat freak with the exception of my room. It’s a disaster.

4 ) Dirty dishes are my kryptonite. If anything is left out I lose my head.

5 ) I pace in circles when I’m on the phone.

6 ) I watched “Barney” till I had grown years beyond the recommended age-range.

7 ) I have a bad habit of quoting movies and tv shows whenever someone says a word or phrase. So that’s pretty much all the time.

8 ) I’ve never grown out of my “fond of skater-boys” phase.

9 ) Fantasy novels are my favorite pasttime.

10 ) I don’t much care for picky eaters.

11 ) I scrapbook when I’m frustrated.

12 ) I’ve never bought myself shorts till this year.

13 ) I love vitamins. It’s a never-ending quest for optimal health, and french fries all day surely can’t be good for me (or anyone).

14 ) I’m allergic to wheat, cherries, bananas, and apples but I eat them all anyway.

15 ) I have a phobia of people touching their lashes in any way. Seriously… it freaks me out.

anything you have in commen with Cassie? Do you like leftovers as well? do you still like Skater-boys? Yeah it's fun to read these things!
Don't forget Monday's LA Complex! Abby's once again without a job so we'll see where that takes her!

August 26

Summer is nearly over! Have you all had fun hanging out with friends and maybe taking a trip? summer is ending for me as well and boy have i neglected to update this main page!

I've added new videos to our youtube channel, which you probably already noticed if you're subscribed to it, but i never logged onto the site and mentioned it.

Andra Fuller, who plays Kaldrick King on the LA Complex, released the song Hard Times. This is interesting to us Cassie fans because you all probably know you can hear Cassie sing some vocals on the song. You can find it on AMAZON (the link takes you to the uk site) and ITunes!

Something else is that THE LA COMPLEX has been moved to MONDAYS on both the CW and MUCH! so don't get confused and wait till tuesday cos then you'll miss a new episode!
Enjoy tomorrows LA Complex!

May 4th

I used to have a seperate lyrics page, but since remodeling the website that page has been sort of deleted. Until i have the lyrics back in the downloads page here are the lyrics to Cassie's song DRINK:

I drink a lot
Gin and whiskey get me off
And I smoke too much
Some days I can’t talk

I need a vice
You could help me past the time
Roll me a smoke, pass me the booze
let me put myself on you

I drink a lot
Keep them coming, shot by shot
And I smoke too much
Never can inhale enough 

I need a vice
Fill this emptiness inside
I’m hooked on you
Don’t let it stop
Kiss me down into your love

Got bruises on my face
Don’t recognize these places
I’m in when I’m awake
Please tell me what is happening
Am I a joke?
Cos everybody’s laughing
Am I a joke?
Cos everybody’s laughing at me 

I drink a lot
Since you left it just don’t stop
And I smoke a chain
Send them poison to my veins
Need you, my vice
Cracks is showing in my life
I smoke, I drink, I get fucked up
Since you left it just don’t stop

There’s bruises on my face
Don’t recognize these places
I’m in when I’m awake
Please tell me what is happening
Am I a joke?
Cos everybody’s laughing
Am I a joke?
Everybody’s laughing
Am I a joke?
Everybody’s laughing
If I choke wouldn’t you be happy
am I a joke?
Everybody’s laughing
and if I choked I bet you would be happy 

Got bruises on my face
Don’t recognize these places
I’m in when I’m awake
Please tell me what is happening
Am I a joke?
Cos everybody’s laughing
Guess I’m a joke
Cos I know you are laughing at me

May 2nd

For those who are subscribed to our youtube channel, you'll probably already know this but i've been uploading all kinds of Cassie video's to the channel. Here are 4 links to the Shifty songs and one of her performances to an enreleased song! enjoy. you can find the others on the same channel!

Shape Shifter on Youtube
I Want You on Youtube
Try Baby on Youtube
Drink on Youtube

There's more to come so keep an eye on the website for more!

May 1st

Ok i have totally been neglecting this website, and i have to say that I'm very sorry for that. But in my defense i was finishing up school and i'm proud to say i'm a professional graphic designer now. i still have to wait a month for the papers but i'm done! no more school! only holiday and work. 

now on to more cassie related!

1. Cassie has released an EP titled Shifty on Itunes. Shape Shifter, I Want You and Try Baby are the songs on the EP and for those wondering what's different about the I Want You song, it has gotten a new mix and new rythm and it's just amazing. SO GO BUY IT!

2. The LA Complex is finally airing in the US. The second episode will be broadcasted  tonight, so make sure you set you dvr if you can't see it, or just postpone that appointment cos this is so much more fun!.

3. Laura-Lynn Petrick (you know, the amazing talented photographer who made pics of cassie a while back) has agreed to share them with me so i'm planning on making some downloads specially for you to download. Of course all picture credit goes to Laura-Lynn! 

4. I'll also be updating our video gallery, picture gallery and i'll be working on the article page to make it available for you again. 

So keep an eye on the website, and ofcourse on go-dark.net for updates! 


January 12th

New Year, new Look, new Paige... wasn't that what she said in season 4? well it's a new year but i'm keeping this website the same. If you have been browsing the website you have probably noticed some changes.
i have made a seperate page for the downloads, i was having serious problems with memory space so i decided to make a special page for downloads. You don't have to worry, everything is linked with each other so you won't have to think twice about what to do to get back to this page

It has been two days since the premiere of THE LA COMPLEX and ofcourse i have watched it! i loved the show, and especially how Abby seems to be so different from Manny but also a little similar to her at the same time. There's also amazing news. the CW has picked up the 6 episodes produced so far so the US will be able to watch it this summer on one of my personal favourite networks. It's funny how Cassie is ending up at the same network as Shenae and Nina. could this be her Vampire Diaries or 90210? we'll wait and see

We also have a new affiliate:
The LA Complex Online
Just 2 days after the series premiere it has it's own website. check it out!

Keep ya posted!


December 8th

There is a new article out on what we knew as Highland Gardens (this calls for a new logo design) on Cassie's new show (now called The LA. Complex! Follow this link to read it!

December 2nd


(imagine an image here, made one but the effing program won't upload)

The birthday Poster is now available in the media section under download

November 6

Hi everybody

I've been thinking hard and long about what to do this year, and i came up with yet another Birthday book and a website where you can see the things that have been send in.

I'm collecting just about anything. Write a poem, a nice letter, share your memory of meeting cassie, make a drawing, make one of your amazing artworks (digital or in the traditional way) or maybe even something bigger.

All I need you to do is send it to me in a digital form (so if it's a drawing scan it into your computer, of it it's even bigger make a clear picture of it) and send it to the e-mail adres: cassie-steele.webs@hotmail.com. make sure you tell your name, age and the country you live in.

I'm setting the deadline to November 30th. That way i can publish everything on the special website and have enough time to work on this years book.


Xo Chantal

October 30th

It's been a while since i updated the website, but for those who have been following our official tumblr you know that i've been updating that one more frequent. 

Today i've uploaded two calendars, a dutch version and an english version. Both calendars are the same exept for the language. If there is someone out there who would like one in their language, then just let me know. 

ooh and ofcourse i'm thinking about a new Cassie birthday present. Last year i made a birthday book (also in downloads) and i wanted to do something similar but also not the same. So i'm open to suggestions!

email your thoughts and ideas to: cassie-steele.webs@hotmail.com

I'll be updating our gallery soon and might even give the website a new layout. I'm sorta done with this look lol.

August 4th

Hi everyone!
Great news: Cassie started filming for Highland Gardens yesterday and we also know who star next to her; Joe Dinicol, Andra Fuller, Jonathan Patrick Moore, Chelan Simmons, Jewel Staite and Benjamin Charles Watson.
Now, I know some of these from watching Kyle XY, The Secret Life of The Amercan Teenager and ofcourse Degrassi but the others not so much, so i'm really looking forward to seeing them on HG.
It also seems that Cassie is NOT playing Manny on Highland Gardens. According to an article Cassie posted on twitter/facebook she's playing Abby
Something else: Cassie's sister Alex seems to be back on Degrassi. I haven't watched Degrassi the last couple of seasons, ever since the older cast is no longer on it but i'm thinking of catching up again.

So for all of you out there who are wondering what to watch next is Highland Gardens and the new Degrassi. Oh and it's a good excuse to watch the first couple of seasons from Degrassi :P:P


July 13th

Our sistersite is back up! Jess has decided to re-open Heart Cassie and is now back amongst us website owners. It is great to have you back, girl! we've missed you!

For those who don't remember the url, just click the link >>>>  Heart Cassie

love, Chantal

July 1sth

Great news!
We'll be seeing Cassie on the small screen again, back in her role is Manny Santos. Cassie is cast as the first of 6 castmember on the new Epitome Pictures series Highland Gardens. Filming is supposed to start this summer. So far it will be a 6 episode one hour series, but i bet we all remember Degrassi back then and Instant star and how much we all loved those series! I'm convinced this will be just as good!

That's all for now 

xo Chantal

June 28th

We have a new affie! Jessie has started her own Cassie fansite after owing a Cassie tumblr. I love the look of the website and how much time there has been put into it. Welcome Jessie!
You can find Go-Dark.net amongs the other affies.  

May 29th

The website is almost fully available again. There are still a lot of things i want to work on but i just wanted to make it available as much as possible before monday! I hope you like the new way of the website.

May 27th

As you can see i've made some pages available. They are far from done but i just wanted to see what it looks like right now.
Just be patient and it will look great. There are some bugs with uploading pictures to the pages but that will be solved, hopefully!

xoxo Chantal

May 26th

For 3 years this website has been named Cassie-Steele Online. I decided however to drop the - in the name. I'm working hard on the website to make new pages, subpages and new pages with new content for you all.

As you can i've put the website on a hiatus, which means you won't be able to look at the whole website until it's done. I'm busy working on shifting some content around, making subpages and adding pages for new content. I really that once it's finished you all like what i've done to it.

I can't promise anything on when it will be available again but i'll be working hard on it this weekend to put it up as soon as possible!

Xo Chantal

March 20th

Big News: Today i received confirmation on news that was posted online a couple of days ago. Cassie has left KaraMel to focus on her own music.
Cassie is leaving for L.A. in about a week. She also let us know on her twitter that she finished writing two songs, called 'Pretend' and 'Obsession'.

With Cassie leaving i was asked to remove all KaraMel content i had, so that is why you won't be finding any pictures in our galery, and video's of Karamel in our video galery.

If i hear more i will tell you all!

xo Chantal

March 7th

Wow it's been almost 2 months since i've logged on here and update. I've been busy though. I've posted a couple of graphics on our tumblr and i've been busy with a book. i'm collecting every bit of information that i have on the website and putting it together in a nice way. I'm planning on putting it up for download so people can print it or have it printed and then have their own book about Cassie!
so yeah i've been busy!

I've uploaded a few new vids to our  youtube channel and i've been posting the video's to KaraMels acapella songs on our tumblr!
I'll try and update more... and i'll keep you posted on that book!

xoxo Chantal

p.s. and yes i'm placing all the lyrics in it to every song cassie's sung so far.. including KaraMel songs

March 3th

There is a new affie! Degrassi The Next Generation Fans! I love the look of the website! it's so bubbly and colorfull! It is in lithuanian, but you can have in translated at the bottom of the page!

I'm working hard on the Cassie book, but i can't give an estimate on when it's done! there is so much more i want to put in it! I'll keep you all updated and i'll post some screenshots in a few days, as some kind of spoilers i guess :P

xoxo Chantal

March 28th

Hey everybody!

So, i've been superbusy with the 'book' that i'm making. Right now i'm busy putting in every bit of lyrics there is to Cassie songs. It's looking realy good already and i'm so excited to find out what you all think when it's done. Like i said before, i'd like it to be your unofficial guide to everything Cassie in bookform.

because of all the busyness (and my internship) I didn't even notice that our 3rd aniversary came up March 9th. Cassie-Steele Online has been Online for more than 3 years now and i'm so excited! I hope that my goal, to making this a source for you all to find everything Cassie in one place on the internet.

Ofcourse, and especially lately, i've been so busy that haven't fully been able to keep up with everything. You probably all know by now that Cassie is on a trip with Jarrett and Alex, and that she's having a great time.
I'm going to make a scedule for myself in which i'll write down some special Cassie-Steele Online time, to make sure to get back up to date and to make regular updates!

love you all!

xoxo Chantal

January 10th

I know that the happy 2011 pic has been up since December 31st so i've said it indirecly, but i wanted to wish you all a very happy 2011! I hope that you reach the goals you've set for yourself!

Cassie has received her birthday book and she LOVED IT! (exactly how her dad described it, lol) and because i received an e-mail about it i've decided to upload it for you all to download and maybe print it out.
(format a5)
you can download it from megaupload through this link: Cassie Bday book

I hope you all like it two!

Cassie and Kara have uploaded a video of them singing their song It's Not Love. you can watch the video on their youtube channel, through this link: It's not love

that's all for now!

xoxo Chantal

December 31st

A new year is about to begin. I've been sitting on my bed all day, watching Grey's Anatomy once again and they have been lighting fireworks all day. I like it, but i like it better when it's midnight and it's officially the first of January!

I know i haven't been updating the website as i promised! i'm sorry about that. I've had some bad news regarding a family member and i've been too destracted by it and jugling school along with it that i've put this on low priority! once again i'm really sorry.

I'm not gonna tell about all the things i've missed (since they're mostly video's so i'll just post the link to them) cos if i'd talk about every single one of them you'd be bored! 

Here's one pic of the holiday photoshoot. This is the only one released so far.
I'll be uploading this pic to the gallery once i got time so until then i'll leave it up here. 

I wish you all a very happy new years eve. I hope that, if you have any new years resolutions, you'll be able to keep them. Happy new year!

XOXO Chantal 

Cassie N Mike: Grain (rouch studio version)
Cassie N Mike Christmas Song
Cassie N Kara Christmas Photoshoot Behind The Scenes
KaraMel Mod Club: It's not Love (but i love you) 

KaraMel Mod Club: Jealous
KaraMel Mod Club: I turn me On

December 14th

since everybody seems to have found Tumblr i decided to open one for this website. I don't always have the time to work on the site so if i find something that i'd like to post here but i don't have the time to log on and work on it, i'll post it on our tumblr so make sure to follow us!

Cassie-Steele Online Official Tumblr!

xoxo Chantal

ps. i'll be updating this website tomorrow! promise

December 9th

Cassie's Birthday book is on it's way, and as soon as i get word she's received it i'll upload it for you all to read and look into. 

Some exciting news, Grain is now available on RobNSteal.biz. Robin told me that there is a possibility that there will be a new version around Januari, but till then you can download and listen to the ' unplugged' Grain.   I already bought it and i love it!

Cassie and her family had an amazing birthday! they had dinner together to celebrate and that was amazing.

there are some new KaraMel videos of live performances and some new pics of them performing which i'll be uploading sometime this day!  until then you can watch them via KaraMel's facebook.

xox Chantal